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"Go to work - Don't go to work" - Decorating your home office

So firstly, it's been amazing to be back open and talk to actual people again!

One of the subjects that’s brought up a lot is how many DIY projects have been completed because of the extra spare time in lockdown. Home offices seem to have been top of the list for many people – the world has definitely changed over that last year and working from home looks like it could be an option for the foreseeable future.

Although some might miss getting into the office every day, the perks of not having the busy daily commute and being able to work not too far from the kettle are high on the list of pros. The fun part is getting to furnish and decorate your new work space to your taste.

The key components of any study / office space are the desk and the chair. The desk should be functional to your needs – do you need storage with lots of drawers or do you prefer more leg room and a bigger surface on top to spread your work out?

The chair should be supportive and comfortable – make sure to try out different styles to see what suits you.

“Tidy Desk, Tidy mind” - Storage can be an issue and can lead to clutter so a bookcase, bank of drawers or sideboard can keep your office looking tidy. Mixing different styles of woods, colours and period furniture is a good way to steer clear of the clinical / boring look. If your office looks nice and inviting you’re more likely to want to sit in it and work.

If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of natural light in your room then you have the perfect working space. For those us who aren’t so lucky there are plenty of lighting options using desk lamps and floor lamps or even day bulbs. Mirrors placed near windows and doors can also help lighten up dark spaces.

Browse through our selections of desks, chairs and storage cabinets - We stock pictures, mirrors, lamps and décor items which can help bring your own individual style to your new home office.

So here’s my DIY project and home office almost finished. I decided to go with the mid century vibe and fitted some ladderax as we had limited space. Now im on the hunt for a starburst clock and maybe a danish mirror to finish it off!

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